Climbing Steps

Dedicated to providing the safest and highest quality medical and material handling equipment.

Climbing Steps offers equipment engineered to reduce life’s obstacles, helping ease the physical burden of individuals with limited mobility, healthcare providers, and manual laborers. There are three brands under the Climbing Steps umbrella: Mobile Stairlift, offering portable stair chairs for those with limited mobility, Mobile Patient Lift, offering user-friendly mobility solutions made to help caretakers assist individuals with limited mobility, and Voltstair, which offers stair-climbing hand trucks, helping reduce the physical burden of manual labor.


Influenced contacts within a 30 day period

New contact conversions


Developed value-based email and website copy

Employed HubSpot marketing automation strategies to re-engage leads

Landing Pages

Wrote informative, engaging and relevant webpage copy for Climbing Steps leads.

Mobile Patient Lift Abandoned Cart

Built email sequence and workflow to nurture leads who place items into their cart on the Mobile Patient Lift Shopify store, then exit the page without completing their purchase. The workflow segments leads based on whether they belong to a B2B or B2C persona group, and sends each persona group different versions of the emails. The workflow is designed to stop sending the emails to leads who complete their purchase after entering the sequence.

Mobile Patient Lift B2B Persona Lead Nurture

Built email sequence and workflow to nurture B2B leads who have shown interest in the Mobile Patient Lift brand but haven’t made a purchase.

Targeting criteria:

  • Contact has previously shown interest in the Mobile Patient Lift brand by filling out a brochure download form
  • Contact is not associated with any Mobile Patient Lift deals
  • Contact create date is less than 90 days ago

Mobile Stairlift Pop-Up Forms

Wrote copy for pop-up forms on the Mobile Stairlift website that offer site visitors the option to download product spec sheets. Defined targeting and exclusion criteria for each form, so the pop-ups only show up on relevant web pages and display for the right leads. Wrote copy for follow-up emails that are sent in response to form fills, and built a workflow automation sequence to send the emails and notify the sales team of new potential leads.

Targeting criteria:

Show pop-up on product pages.

Exclusion criteria:

Hide pop-up from leads who have previously downloaded the spec sheet, or who have purchased the product the spec sheet is for.

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